Rotary Actuator Mixing Diverting Motorized Valve

Actuators Rotmix are compact and simple

heating controllers that are installed directly

onto the mixing valve and diverting valve.

with function on/off.Compact design,fast

installation, ease of use and reliability.

Actuator is mounted directly on the shaft of the valve body and is fixed with one screw. Fasteners supplied with the actuator. The mounting position of the actuator can be selected with step 90 degrees due to its small size and compact shape. Rotmix is suitable for most applications, including a pump block in a insulation. The angle of rotation is limited to 90 degrees. The actuator is connected to the valve by the sleeve (included in the package).

1) Turn the valve spindle counterclockwise, till it be in finish position(open or closed). Remove the handle which supply with valve.

2) The prevents rotation screw B set in a convenient hole on the valve (if necessary remove an existing screw) .

3) Install the adapter С to the axis of the valve.

4) install the drive D to C adapter and, if necessary, turn slightly clockwise until it enters into engagement with the screw B.

(the leaner of actuator supply in the counterclockwise position).

5) Click on the school Е, the position (opened/closed) and place it on the drive.

6) Tighten the whole unit using the screw F.

7) connect the drive to a power source


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