Water Pressure Regulator

Material: lead-free copper

Connection: Thread

Applicable medium: water

Nominal diameter: DN20

Structure: straight-through

Pressure environment: atmospheric pressure

Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ≤ t ≤ 120 ℃

Standard: GB

Direction of flow: Unidirectional

Drive: Manual

Thread: Bsp thread

Maximum psi: 160 psi

  1. Turn all taps on before installing the valve to flush the
    system and expel any air remaining in the pipes.
    2. Install shut-off valves upstream and downstream of the
    pressure reducing valve to facilitate future maintenance
    operations. The upstream valve may have a check valve
    3. The pressure reducing valve can be installed both on
    vertical and horizontal pipes.
    The upside-down installation is
    4. Close downstream shut-off
    5. Calibrate it by turning the
    screw on the top of the plastic
    Turn it clockwise to increase
    the pressure and anticlockwise
    to decrease it.

    6. Adjust until the correct pressure is read on the pressure
    gauge. Series 533. reducing valve are factory set at 3 bar.

  2. Maintenance
    Proceed as follows for periodic cleaning of the strainer and inspection or replacement of the cartridge:
    1 Shut off the reducing valve
    Unscrew (anticlockwise) the calibrating screw to decompress the spring inside.
    Unscrew the cover.
    Extract the cartridge with the aid of pliers on the hexagonal part.
    5 The cartridge can be fitted back into the valve after inspection and cleaning or alternatively a replacement cartridge can be fitted.
    6 Recalibrate the reducing valve.



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